Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sketch: The Family of Cats

This one is just a rough sketch of The Family of Cats piece I'm planning to do. It'll be 18 by 24 when I finish.  Seeing this, I've decided to make it with a variety of colors and kinds of kitties...not just Bugsy's and Knuckles's.  Tomorrow I'll begin sketching out the real thing.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday.... come when you can. I love reading your comments.

Lou (HH)


  1. oh this is just great!! You know I was kidding yesterday don't you?

    1. Of course I know that you were kidding... me too. There's a bit of truth in it all though.... I do love blogging though and can't stop myself when I get an idea for just one more blog....MOL ... Have a great day!! xoxo

    2. Maybe the will be a little ladycat in there with a feminine half mustache. Heeeee.